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Thule XS16 230 to 266

The only snow chain with an automatic removing system. RRP $299.00


  • Please click on this link to see what snow chain will fit your car
  • https://konigchain.com/fitguide-consumer/

  • 16 mm inside and on-the-tread clearance.
  • External quick release system: remove the snow chain by pulling on the special device.
  • Self-tensioning system: just one stop to fit the chain.
  • Micro-regulation system for perfect tensioning of the chain.
  • Excellent grip on ice and snow for vehicles with higher weight than a passenger car.
  • Anti-scratch nylon bumpers protecting alloy wheels (optional application).
  • Innovative design and unique color-coded assembling points.
  • Homologations/certifications/conformity: Ö-Norm 5117, Ö-Norm 5119, TÜV.
  • XS16-230 to XS16-266, RRP $299.00


Vehicle applicationSUVs, four-wheel drive vehicles, commercial vehicles and motorhomes
Inside clearance16 mm
Internal flexible cable One Key System compatible
Quick external release Fulfils City Crash norm
Self-tensioning (1 stop for fitting) Fulfils City Crash norm
Alloy rim protection Fulfils City Crash norm