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Thule WingBar Black Single Bar

The most silent and safe load bar. Introducing the next generation Thule Wingbar in Black. (RRP $95.00 for a single WingBar)

$95.00 RRP

Please note that all prices exclude freight and fitting charges.


  • Like the name indicates the Thule Wingbar is very much influenced by an aircraft wing inheriting their fantastic aerodynamic properties.
  • Designed for creating a minimum of wind noise and resistance and available in 4 lengths for accomodating different roof widths. (9602-05   108cm RRP $95.00), (9612-05   118cm RRP $95.00), (9692-05   127cm RRP $95.00) and (9622-05   RRP $95.00).
  • All Thule’s WingBars are equipped wth t-tracks – an ingenious feature with great benefits. Load accessories are easily slid in place into the track. The full length of the load bar can be used, making more space for attaching several accessories.
  • 27mm is the height of the WingBars.