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Thule Gutter Foot 422000

The special roof rack foot for cars with raised roof and rain gutters. (RRP $99.00 for the 422000 adapter)

$99.00 RRP

Please note that all prices exclude freight and fitting charges.


  • 421000 (27-44cm) RRP $99.00, 422000 (38-55cm) RRP $99.00.
  • Use the Thule Fit My Car guide to find out which roof rack fits your car.
Load capacity (kg)100 kg
Foot height (cm)27 cm
Fits Thule Square Bars Fits Thule Square Bars
One Key System compatible One Key System compatible
TÜV Approved TÜV Approved
MiscellaneousFor buses and minivans. Can be raised 22-77 cm with adapters 421000 (27-44cm), 422000 (38-55cm).