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Which rear mounted bike carrier fits my car?


Thule “Freeway”, “BackBac”, “ClipOn” and “Raceway G2”-

Please click on the below link in RED to see if a 968001, 973002, 910301, 910401, 910501, 910601, 991001 and 992001 will fit your car.  It is advisable to always use a 976AU light board, RRP $145.00 when using a rear mounted bike rack (for a 910501 and 910601 the 976AU may not be needed though)

(once you have the link open, please click on the “bike carrier” icon)


  • This product is not universal, therefore Thule recommends that the dealer complete the initial optimisation and installation of this product.  If your car isn’t listed, it means that a “Rear Mounted Bike Carrier” can’t be fitted to your car due to one or more of the below reasons.
  • Hatch is too short.
  • Hatch is too long.
  • Plastic spoiler.
  • Design of hatch makes it impossible to mount a carrier in a proper way.
  • Too weak hatch.
  • No space for hooks hatch/bumper.
  • Lower part of hatch has a plastic protection.
  • Chrome strip at the bottom of the hatch.
  • Double opened hatch.
  • Hooks not possible to mount because of glass window.
  • Upper part of hatch is too curved.
  • Lower part of hatch is too thick.
  • Car still to be tested as it is a NEW model.  Please contact Thule directly on 02 9887 2473.