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Pack up all your gear for a Fraser Island road trip

For an off-road experience that leaves you with life-long memories it’s hard to go past Queensland's Fraser Island.

For an off-road experience that leaves you with life-long memories it’s hard to go past Queensland's Fraser Island. Just four hours from Brisbane, this sand island – the largest in the world – is a four-wheel driver's dream. The island itself offers a wealth of activities for every type of traveller to enjoy, including fishing, swimming, hiking and more.


With Thule Sport&Cargo products you can pack up all the gear you'll need for your Fraser Island adventure without sacrificing any room in the car for you and your family. From water-sport carriers to bike racks and roof boxes, we've got everything you need to bring along the equipment for whatever outdoor activity you fancy.


Bupa Travel Insurance recently wrote a round-up including some of the best road trips in Australia and featured Thule for our innovative storage solutions that help you road trip in comfort. Check out the full article at www.bupa.com.au/travel-insurance/best-road-trips-australia.




Fraser Island offers some of the best beach fishing in the world, so don't forget to pack your fishing gear to take part in this local activity. Our ski racks are the perfect solution for carrying your poles, keeping them out of the way until you are ready to cast your line.


Thule roof boxes can also keep all manner of clothes, sleeping bags and food safe and dry atop your vehicle. This is especially handy if you’re planning on driving through tracts of water like those you’ll encounter on Fraser.


Off roading


An inevitable activity on Fraser Island, taking your four-wheel drive off road lets you see the interior of the island as well as the coast, and is accessed via the unique beach highway. You'll find a variety of hiking and biking trails to help you get even deeper into the foliage. Our roof boxes are a great option for keeping your belongings safe and secure as you head out into the wilderness, protecting them from wind, sun and rain or whatever your day throws at you.




No matter where you go your iPhone probably comes with you. In the more remote parts of Australia where reception might be an issue, you’ll likely still rely on your trusty phone as a camera to capture those spectacular sunsets. It’s not surprising then that our Thule Atmos X5 iPhone case is extremely popular for adventurers, ensuring your records of your holiday stay intact in even the wettest, wildest conditions.