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Thule Ladder Tilt 311010

The Thule Ladder Tilt 311010 can be pulled out from the roof and tilted down the side of the vehicle, giving you a comfortable loading height. Once you’ve loaded and secured the ladders, simply slide the ladder carrier back up onto the roof. Made in durable and light aluminium. A ratchet mechanism with a [...]

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Thule Ladder Holder 330000

The Thule Ladder Holder 330000 is equipped with a unique fastening solution based on wide and robust straps with a ratchet mechanism for quick and easy loading and unloading. It is easy to convert the ladder carrier to carry other items. Carries up to three ladders. A set consists of 2 strap mechanisms and [...]

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Thule Conduit Box 317100

Constructed in brushed stainless steel, it has double openings to make loading and unloading your pipes easy. The box closes up using lockable snaplocks, making the pipes safe and secure during transport and theft more difficult. Takes pipes up to 3 metres long. For really long pipes and other long items we have developed [...]

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Thule Awning 328000

3.5m in width. 2.5m projection. Length of support legs 2.68m. Mounted to the roof bars, the Thule Awning rolls out along the side of the vehicle. It is made of aluminium profiles, and has a durable weatherproof and PVC-laminated fabric which is also UV-resistant. As it is available in lengths from 2.6 to 3.5 [...]

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