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Quality Test Centre

One of the cornerstones of Thule’s product strategy is safety. While a product’s ultimate wear resistance and quality are essential, safety is our number one consideration. That’s why we have three Quality Test Centres in different countries that put our products through an extensive and rigorous testing process that surpasses industry standards.

Thule helps lead the way in setting the safety and quality standards of industry products, sitting on the committee for ISO standards. We also perform many additional self-imposed tests that provide our customers with even greater assurance.

Before a product can wear the coveted Thule logo or go into production, it must go through our torture testing. It is exposed to everything from icy cold to desert heat and long-term UV radiation. Then the fun starts. Thule products are subjected to tensile tests, shock tests, vibration tests, wind tunnels, endurance tests, aerodynamic tests and crash tests. In fact, the whole world is our test track. We take our prototypes and test products into the real world, and try the functions that will make your equipment safer, easier and more fun to carry. When we are finally happy, we know that you’ll be too
Part of ensuring the safety of your Thule carrier is achieving the proper fit. So in addition to extensive testing for quality standards, Thule has an entire team dedicated to determining the exact fit for every vehicle.