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Design Innovation

At Thule, we don’t just make products, we make products better. We have shared passions with our customers and understand the active lifestyle. Which is why our eye is always on innovation and finding ways of creating new technologies and design solutions that solve particular problems. From making a product easier to use, to taking the hassle out of transporting gear, to reducing stress, our goal is to continuously create better products and better experience for our customers.

We know the products are going to be out in the elements getting pounded on, and many of them will live permanently on the vehicle. That’s why we take care over the materials we spec and the designs we choose. Everything is taken into consideration to construct products that will last. And all Thule products are built to last, with lifetime warranties.

You can always recognize a Thule product by its perfect fit, simple mounting and ease of loading. But our design goes beyond safety and function. Our products follow a consistent design language. Instead of following extreme trends and short-lived fashions, we stick to refined and stylish shapes that harmonize with the design of your car — setting the standard for the industry. Our design process embraces the importance of a clean aesthetic to provide a product that enhances the lines of your vehicle and design of your gear; a final look that’s not only functional, but also beautiful.

Because everything we do is based on making life easier, we make sure all aspects of production work together. Beginning with design, every step of the process receives the same high degree of attention by dedicated experts. Our innovations and designs go through research and development, and fitting and testing to make sure we deliver the safest, most durable product that makes your life easier and complements the look of your vehicle.